ChilliChump Seed Kit 2023 (Seed Kit)

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Grow with ChilliChump, yet again!
A seed kit made in collaboration with Fatalii’s favourite chili Youtuber ChilliChump!
We chose some great varieties carefully with ChilliChump to make a seed kit available which you can buy and grow together with ChilliChump as he posts his videos through the 2023 season!
When it’s harvest time, you will also be able to cook your harvest with ChilliChump! Make sauces, powders and other goodies!
Chillichump will offer you also some great recipes so you’ll be able to cook with him along with his videos! So much fun!

So let’s tell you some more about the varieties included in this incredible seed kit:
(Photos under the descriptions).

Golden Nugget
This true beauty in the chili pepper world does look absolutely stunning at all stages of growth.
Everything from the variegated foliage to flowers and pods both as immature and as they mature, just a true pleasure for your eyes.
The great surprise is that in most cases this kind of beautiful chili are not the best tasting, but this one is definitely an exception as the taste is simply great.
Very easy to grow indoors, outdoors, patios or in greenhouses. Grows nicely even in a very small pot. A must have decoration in or around your home.

Super tasty variety which has a mild, pleasant heat level. The taste is best when used just before fully maturing. Pick these pods when they start to turn into yellow-orange and you’ll be amazed of the taste. One of the greatest mild varieties when picked at the right time! Let it ripen and it’s still excellent, but more like an ordinary mild very sweet pepper.
Some might think this is just another “Bishop’s Hat” -type chili, but it’s really not, as this one has much more fruitier, plain awesome aroma. These pods also have thicker, juicier flesh.

A quite common,  widely used chili in Thai and Indonesian cooking! Sharp and hot pungency makes it really cut thru with cooking that requires quite a bit of heat.
These compact plants can bear a big amount of pods every time! They are also very easy to grow and tolerate cooler and hotter environments very well. Grows very nicely in smaller containers as well.

A compact plant which bears a LOT of tasty, citrusy but habanero-type chili pods with quite a bit of heat!
The pods mature from dark green to bright yellow. Quite fast to mature.
Makes a perfect powder / flakes for your cooking. And also provide nice citrus-like aroma when used fresh with any foods.
Besides being truly useful for all kinds of cooking, it is also a nice looking  plant to have around your house or garden.

Biquinho, Red
Also known as Sweet Drops.Tasty when pickled, and often found on pizzas.
These red tear shaped pods have an incredible fruity taste with just a trace of warmth. Anyone can enjoy these directly from the plants without burning their mouth. These plants are super prolific and quite compact. A must have for anyone who likes mild chilis with plenty of taste.

Olho de Peixe White
This super rare variety is an absolutely amazing gift to the world of chili peppers! These small, beautiful, extremely tasty and hot pods ripen from pale green to yellow and finally to almost white when mature. This plant can bear an awesome yield for many seasons, even in moderately small pot. An ideal variety for hobbyists who want to grow something really unique.
You may have heard that dried Charapitas make the most valuable chili pepper powder you can find. Then imagine powder made from Olho de Peixe White as it’s much more rare and it’s aroma is simply outstanding.

All seed kits ordered from will include a FREE pocket growing guide and FREE extra.

golden nugget