ChilliChump Seed Kit 2021 (Seed Kit)

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Grow with ChilliChump, again!
A seed kit made in collaboration with Fatalii’s favourite chili Youtuber ChilliChump!
We chose some great varieties carefully with ChilliChump to make a seed kit available which you can buy and grow together with ChilliChump as he posts his videos through the 2021 season! When it’s harvest time, you will also be able to cook your harvest with ChilliChump! Make sauces, powders and other goodies! Chillichump will offer you also some great recipes so you’ll be able to cook with him along with his videos! So much fun!

Check out the ChilliChumps video release of this seed kit:

So let’s tell you some more about the varieties included in this incredible seed kit:
(Photos under the desciptions).

Habanero Orange
This is the very original Habanero pepper from Havana, Cuba! A true beauty with a bite to match and flavour to almost die for.
Perfect for all kinds of cooking and a joy to your eyes, too. An all-time classic among chili peppers. These plants are super prolific! Ideal for bonchi growing too.

Ancho Poblano
Huge, very mild, great tasting and super sweet classic variety from Mexico.
Ideal for stuffing. Matures to dark brown, almost black.
This is the “mexican bell pepper”. A great substitute for normal nonpungent bell peppers. Sturdy plant which produces large amount of huge pods.

Jalapeno Farmer’s Market Potato
This rare version of Jalapeno is very unique, under a strong sun and plenty of light it can get so corked that it actually looks like a potato! The pods are quite large and very thick fleshed. Very good tasting. Size of the plant is very compact and the crops can be quite large. Needs a long season, so start early.

Naga Morich
Classic superhot variety. Naga Morich is not just hot but also has a great aroma which many chiliheads love so much. Great with all kinds of hot cooking. Works great used in super hot sauces too! The plant is incredibly prolific and rather easy to grow for a super hot. This variety really loves warmth and sun so provide it with a warm and well-lit environment.

CGN 19198
Extremely rare wild chili pepper species which is very unique in many ways.
This has been a mystery for many Capsicum botanists and it has been classified both as C. praetermissum and C. eximium. It’s clearly not either compared to many other plants from the species mentioned before. These pods are quite pungent with unique taste which is actually quite nice as a powder! One plant can bear hundreds and hundreds, even few thousands of pods in good light. It tolerates cold very well. It grows best outdoors, even in colder climates!

Aji Norteno
A moderately hot, delicious Aji from Peru’s northern coastal valleys. Large pods with thick flesh makes this variety one of the best for culinary uses. Slightly sweet, fruity flavour. These beautiful peppers are typically served fresh as side dishes with seafood in Peru. The plant can get large but easy to grow. Keep it as a compact plant easily with scissors as it grows fast. These pods are GREAT for stuffing too!
Gives great yields. Tolerates more cold climates. Easy to overwinter as well.

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Habanero, Orange
Habanero, Orange
Ancho, Gigante
Aji Norteno