Chili Party (Seed Kit)


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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Delight
This variety has an excellent name as it is indeed very delightful surprise in the world of Capsicum baccatum chilis!

It has a very crunchy and juicy texture and it’s immediately followed by awesome sweetness and not any heat at all.
Use with all kinds of cooking, but especially good for salads and stuffed peppers!
They are very easy to grow and give excellent yields. Highly recommended for chiliheads looking for milder chilis.

Love of Sun
A lovely, quite large yellow-orange, sweet tasting medium hot variety. Compact plant which produces lots of tasty pods which are very suitable for stuffing or used as dried flakes or powder with all kinds of cooking.
Loves a sunny spot.

A permanent favorite amongst chili pepper growers. As the name says, this compact and very well yielding plant produces pods that go through almost every possible color. They are rather hot. When dried and ground, produce extremely usable flakes or chili powder with unique flavor and tender heat suitable for dishes where you may not need the sharper flavor of “red peppers” or the characteristic “chinense pepper flavor”. This can add a totally new dimension to your cooking. Also, as baccatum peppers go, Omnicolor needs very little maintenance and does very well  indoors too. Highly recommended for both, beginners and long-time chili pepper growers who have missed this great variety so far.

Turkish Flower Pepper
What a lovely looking compact chili pepper which grows pretty looking chilis in wonderful, flower-like clusters! A really wonderful sight for your eyes every time! These medium hot pods are nice for cooking and this plants keeps on producing from year to another. Grows very well in pots!

Seed kits sold alone with FREE basic letter SHIPPING where available!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.