Chili Blast (Seed Kit)


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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

A mild, super tasty variety we have grown since early 2000’s almost every year except for the past few years. Has only a mild pungency. The taste is best when used just before fully maturing. Just pick these pods just when start to turn into yellowish orange and you’ll be amazed of the taste. One of the greatest mild varieties when picked at the right time! Let it ripen and it’s still good, but more like ordinary mild very sweet pepper. Some might think this is just another “Bishop’s Hat” type chili but it’s really not as this one has much more fruitier, just plain awesome taste! Very prolific and easy-to-grow variety.

Ramiro Chocolate
Lovely version of the Ramiro pepper with a shiny chocolate color! Very sweet and highly aromatic taste. Ideal for stuffing, salads, or just eaten as tasty sweet, crunchy and juicy veggie!

These compact plants will bear a lot of large pods in a small space.

A common, very widely used chili in Thai and Indonesian cooking! Very sharp and hot pungency makes it really cut thru with cooking that requires quite a bit of heat. These compact plants can bear a big amount of pods every time! They are also very easy to grow and tolerate cooler and hotter environments very well.

Trepadeira Werner
A small, very pretty (see the white pods ripening to bright red) and unusual baccatum pepper that has an unusual, very delicious berry-like aroma and sweetness.. Highly recommended for home growing! Gives extremely high yields! Easy to grow in pots. The ripe pods look like cherries. Mild-Medium heat level. Ideal for beginners. If you haven’t tried Capsicum baccatum chili peppers just yet, this is a great choice to start with! The name of this variety means “Werner’s Creeper” (Werner’s Vine).

Seed kits sold alone with FREE basic letter SHIPPING where available!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.