Beginner Pack 2021 (Seed Kit)

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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Cristal
Absolutely great variety from Curico, Chile. The taste is so good. It tastes completely different depending on the growing stage. The besting tasting pods can be enjoyed by picking them from the plant before they turn their color into red. Great as fresh practically with any food. The ordinary and smoked powder made from this variety is also insanely tasty! This variety was available all around the Finland as fresh in vegetable shelves and was made quite known in Finland by Fatalii Gourmet. The plant is easy to grow and it’s extremely prolific. Ideal when picked by using staggered harvesting. Just keep picking off the largest pods and you can enjoy yield for all season long.

Blended Lemon, Yellow
A dream come true variety for lovers of C. baccatum chili peppers and especially for those you like Lemon Drop but would like less heat and a larger size of pods. This variety, which is near stable, has been created by Finnish grower K. Virolainen to be larger and milder than the original Lemon Drop which goes by many different names like Peru Yellow, Aji Pineapple, Hot Yellow, Peruvian Yellow, Hot Lemon and many others. These plants are also extremely prolific! The taste is excellent, has also sweetness to it with a below average heat level. A must have for any grower who also likes milder chilis.

Biquinho, Red
Also known as Sweet Drops.
These red tear shaped pods have an incredible fruity taste with just a tiny little amount of heat! Anyone can enjoy these directly from the plants without burning their mouth. These plants are super prolific and quite compact. A must have for anyone who likes mild chilis with plenty of taste!

Bird’s Eye Baby
A small,very pretty ornamental chili plant suitable for small pots and indoors growing.
Perfect for Bonsai-growing due to lots of tiny leaves. Surprisingly useful for
cooking, too!
If you are looking for a compact plant, this one is the one for you.

Highly recommended for beginners!

Normal price when these varieties bought separately: 18,30€!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.

Aji Cristal
Bird's Eye Baby