Aromic Therapy (Seed Kit)


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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

One of the prettiest ornamental plants there is! Very compact shape and the GREAT looks makes this one a must have. Very easy to grow, ideal for beginners too.
The pods are non-pungent and have a rather nice taste compared to many other ornamental varieties.
These plants are really an attention catchers.

Pequin Orange
Very compact, cute chili pepper which produces a TON of bright orange, quite hot chili peppers in a small space.
Great for your kitchen windowsill for example! These work both fresh and dried. Especially good with oriental cooking!
Grows very well even in small pots.

Sugar Rush Amarillo
Incredibly tasty version of Sugar Rush which actually resembles yellow habanero with it’s appearance more than any C. baccatum chili pepper. It’s very fruity and the aroma is one of the best from all chili peppers!

Quite compact plant, unlike most Sugar Rush versions. Extremely prolific!
Definitely a must have for anyone who wants the taste before the heat.

Tepin X Lemon Drop F7
Very unusual cross between Tepin and Lemon Drop.
Surprisingly the end result is very sweet and great tasting medium-hot/hot chili pepper. The plant is extremely prolific. The powder made from this variety is very good!
These seeds produce 7th generation plants so it’s not fully stable yet but quite close.

Seed kits sold alone with FREE basic letter SHIPPING where available!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.