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Seed kit containing the best jalapenos!
Only available from fataliiseeds.net!

Jalapeno, Brown
A lovely brown colored, unique Jalapeno variety. Very sweet and juicy taste. Produces great yields on a compact plant.
Surprisingly fast to mature for a Jalapeno. Very mild heat level.
Great for stuffing!

Jalapeno, Mammoth
Very large, super thick fleshed, quite mild and very very tasty Jalapeno variety. Excellent for all kind of cooking! If you like Jalapenos in any stage of maturity, this one is definitely the one to get! GREAT for stuffing. Very strong, typical Jalapeno aroma when still immature. Very prolific plant and easy to grow too!

Jalapeno, Orange Spice
Also known as Numex Orange Spice. A hotter version of the Jalapeno version developed at NMSU by Paul Bosland and his team.
Besides being a lot hotter than any traditional Jalapenos, it’s also very very prolific! This compact plant can carry lots of pods. Make sure to support these plants wel! Highly recommended for Jalapeno lovers who like more heat.

Jalapeno, White
One of the best Jalapenos! These pods are big, tasty, sweet, medium hot and have the typical, wonderful Jalapeno aroma, as immature and mature. These plants are extremely prolific despite their compact size! A must have if you like Jalapenos! They ripen from pale white green to pale yellow and finally to red.

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All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.