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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Cereo
A very berry-like tasting, especially aromatic baccatum variety which is great for culinary uses at all stages of maturity. The aroma varies a lot depending if it’s immature, medium ripe or fully ripen. The plant itself is semi-compact and very easy to grow. It’s easy to keep at compact size yet it still can bear a huge amount of pods. Very suitable for beginners!

Apocalypse Chocolate
If you are looking for SUPER HOT variety which has a very strong aroma as well, then this one is definitely for you. About as hot as chili pepper can get! Has a little traits that resemble Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw a little.

The pods look very gnarly and evil, and they won’t let you down in any least bit! Quite compact plants produce a ton of yield every season!

Numex Twilight
An ornamental chile pepper that is so insanely pretty you simply can’t miss it. If you like to grow useful chile peppers that are a true eye-candy! This is an ideal variety to decorate your windowsill, balcony, patio or garden. Perfect to be candied as it looks very pretty and has quite thin flesh. Very good bonsai chile candidate too. You can melt anyones heart with this one. Makes this an ideal gift item.

A common, very widely used chili in Thai and Indonesian cooking! Very sharp and hot pungency makes it really cut thru with cooking that requires quite a bit of heat.

These compact plants can bear a big amount of pods every time! They are also very easy to grow and tolerate cooler and hotter environments very well.

Seed kits sold alone with FREE basic letter SHIPPING where available!

All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.