Fatalii’s Fantastic 4

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Seed kit containing all Fantastic Fantasy varieties!
Only available from fataliiseeds.net!

Aji Fantasy
Aji Fantasy is a truly sweet, delicious and tenderly mild from the edges and somewhat hot in the center.
Variety created in Finland By Mr. Fatalii. Produces great numbers of nice looking delicious pods – truly candies of the pepper world!
The wonderful shaped pods ripen from green to yellow and are ideal for stuffing or using them as fresh with any cooking.
Ideal variety for beginners too! A great example of what baccatum chili pepper can be!
Usually compact plant with stays under 1m tall but in ideal conditions these plants can grow up to 5-6 meters tall!

Aji Fantasy, Sparkly White
A new breed of the old Aji Fantasy bred by Fatalii. This new version is made to be more thick fleshed. The taste of these incredibly delicious pods are little less sweet, they’re much more fresh tasting and it has a ‘sparkly’ overtones compared to traditional Aji Fantasy. Quite compact plant for a C. baccatum. Gives amazing yields even in little lower light conditions. This variety is not fully stable yet so the results may vary.

Cream Fantasy
Very tasty, sweet baccatum chili with below medium heat level.
Matures to creamy white.
Gives great yields.
Crunchy, thick fleshed texture and shape make this an excellent variety for stuffing!
This variety is still under developement so it’s not fully stable yet,
but you have a possibility to make it even better by breeding it forward.

Peach Fantasy
Very unique tasting, great variety with medium heat level. Lovely peach color! Gives great yields. Crunchy texture and shape of these pods make it great for stuffing! This variety is also still under breeding so it’s not completely stable yet, but you have a possibility to make it even better!

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