The Chosen Ones (Seed Kit)


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This seed kit is great for both beginners and growers who want to experience some new premium chili pepper varieties!

Aji Cristal
Absolutely great variety from Curico, Chile. The taste is so good. It tastes completely different depending on the growing stage. The besting tasting pods can be enjoyed by picking them from the plant before they turn their color into red. Medium hot.

Bird’s Eye Baby
A small,very pretty ornamental chili plant suitable for small pots and indoors growing. Perfect for Bonsai-growing due to lots of tiny leaves. Surprisingly useful for cooking, too! Quite hot.

Lemon Drop
An essential part of Peruvian cuisine! Baccatum peppers traditionally only grow in South America, but they are actually the easiest and most successful plants for home growers and beginners in chili hobby. Hot and tasty!

Moruga Chocolate
The oiliness inside the pod of this chocolate version is something I’ve never witnessed before, which directly tells something about it’s heat level.
This variety easily reaches at least the same heat level as all the other hottest ones currently at the moment. The aroma is also one of it’s kind, one of the best super hots for sure!

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.