ChilliChump Seed Kit 2020 (Seed Kit)

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Grow with ChilliChump!
A seed kit made in collaboration with Fatalii’s favorite chili Youtuber ChilliChump!
We chose some great varieties carefully with ChilliChump to make a seed kit available which you can buy and grow together with ChilliChump as he keeps posting out his videos as his season progresses! When it ‘s harvest time, you will also be able to cook your harvest with ChilliChump! Make sauces, powders and other goodies! Chillichump will offer you also some great recipies so you’ll be able to cook with him along with his videos! So much fun!

So let’s tell you some more about the varieties included in this incredible seed kit:
(Photos under the desciptions).

Aji Cristal
Absolutely great variety from Curico, Chile. The taste is so good. It tastes completely different depending on the growing stage. The besting tasting pods can be enjoyed by picking them from the plant before they turn their color into red. Great as fresh practically with any food. The ordinary and smoked powder made from this variety is also insanely tasty! The plant is easy to grow and it’s extremely prolific. Ideal when picked by using staggered harvesting. Just keep picking off the largest pods and you can enjoy yield for all season long.

Ancho Poblano
Huge, very mild, great tasting and super sweet classic variety from Mexico.
Ideal for stuffing. Matures to dark brown, almost black.
This is the “mexican bell pepper”. A great substitute for normal nonpungent bell peppers. Sturdy plant which produces large amount of huge pods.

Cayenne is surely one of the most common chili pepper type in the world. In most cases when you see elongated chili peppers looking like this, they are most likely closely related to this classic. Hot and sharp taste. Great for outdoor, balcony and greenhouse growing. Can give stunning yields even in quite small pots.

Jalapeño, Mammoth
Very large, super thick fleshed, quite mild and very very tasty Jalapeno variety. Excellent for all kind of cooking! If you like Jalapenos in any stage of maturity, this one is definitely the one to get! GREAT for stuffing. Very strong, typical Jalapeno aroma when still immature. Very prolific plant and easy to grow too!

Moruga Scorpion
This is also called Dragon’s Breath these days, which was supposed to be a variety of it’s own, but it’s same as Moruga Scorpion. This is one of the most scary varieties for sure!
Moruga Scorpion is the hottest pepper measured in the world by average heat (Stable heat from a stable variety). HPLC tests gave it a highest result of 2,009,231 Scoville heat units!!
The Measured pods were grown from seeds originated from!
Just horrible heat level even when compared to any other hottest chilis at the moment.
The taste is very good too but the heat will hit so quickly that you will practically lose your mind and concentration in that second!
Grows well indoors, balconies, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Turbo Pube
A must-grow Rocoto from Ecuador. One of the best Rocotos you can find!
Named by as Turbo Pube around 2005 as more “user friendly name” instead of PI 585267. Turbo Pube as it’s super prolific Capsicum pubescens. Very aromatic, great tasting and unique elongated egg shaped pods. Heat is around medium, pleasant type of heat!

All seed kits include a FREE pocket growing guide and FREE extra.

Ancho, Gigante
Aji Cristal