Fatalii’s STARFISH TRIPLE PACK! (Chili Seed Kit)

C. baccatum


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Contains three different Starfish chili pepper varieties.

Extraordinary chili pepper plant from Brazil: the center of things weird and wonderful in chili. The wonderment begins with the plant itself. Huge leaves up to 30 cm long. It also grows very fast and it can grow VERY tall, 3-4 m height isn’t uncommon at all! The fruit is not less spectacular: it is non-pungent
with sweet, very strong and pleasant apple flavor in the edges, but the center of the pod is something entirely different: it’s HOT. One of the most delicious, most amazing peppers there is. Tall size is not a problem as you can keep it short simpley with scissors if you like.

Starfish, Yellow
A yellow version of the extraordinary chili pepper plant from Brazil.
Rare. The taste is very sweet, apple-like around the edges, but it can pack a punch in the middle!
Great looking shape. Very prolific chili pepper which grows well in almost every condition.
A must have for a chili pepper collector.

Starfish, Orange
A rare, orange version of a starfish-shaped chili pepper plant from Brazil.
This orange version has even more sweetness than the yellow version.
As with the red and yellow version, the edges of this chili pepper have very sweet, apple-like aroma and the middle section packs some heat.
Tends to grow a little taller than the yellow version. Very prolific and easy to grow plant.
Another must have for a chili pepper collector.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.