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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Norteno
A moderately hot, delicious Aji from Peru’s northern coastal valleys. Large pods with thick flesh makes this variety one of the best for culinary uses. Slightly sweet, fruity flavor. These beautiful peppers are typically served fresh as side dishes with seafood in Peru. The plant can get large but easy to grow. Keep it as a compact plant easily with scissors as it grows fast. These pods are GREAT for stuffing too!
Gives great yields. Tolerates more cold climates. Easy to overwinter too.

Hainan Yellow Lantern
This variety comes from Hainan island, China, where it’s actually quite commonly used for mainly a tasty hot sauce.
Very prolific variety that has a strong chinense aroma, very similar to Harold st. Barts and few other yellow Capsicum chinense varieties.
Also a great choice for a bonsai chili.
Highly recommend for people who like the typical, strong Habanero aroma.
Makes a great powder too.

Starfish, Yellow
A yellow version of the extraordinary chili pepper plant from Brazil.
Rare. The taste is very sweet, apple-like around the edges, but it can pack a punch in the middle!
Great looking shape. Very prolific chili pepper which grows well in almost every condition.
A must have for a chili pepper collector.

Sugar Rush, Amarillo
Incredibly tasty version of Sugar Rush which actually resembles yellow habanero with it’s appearance more than any C. baccatum chili pepper.
It’s very fruity and the aroma is one of the best from all chili peppers!
Quite compact plant, unlike most Sugar Rush versions. Extremely prolific!
Definitely a must have for anyone who wants the taste before the heat.

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All seed kit orders will also include a pocket growing guide.

Aji Norteno
Hainan Yellow Lantern
Starfish, Yellow