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Fatalii’s Finest EasySlo is a very easy to use slow-release plant fertilizer. Suitable for traditional soil-based growing.
Just this one fertilizer needed for the whole season.

Growing with Fatalii’s Finest EasySlo could not be easier! Just add a spoonful(*)  of Fatalii’s Finest EasySlo on the bottom of the growing pot (on top of layer of soil). Then add some more soil and pot your plant and you are DONE!  It literally could not be easier than this! Avoid direct root contact with the EasySlo when repotting.

After the roots will reach the fertilizer, your plants can choose to use as much fertilizer as needed for ideal growth and yield.
Some large plant might require a bit more fertilizer added in the end of the season, but this greatly depends on your growing conditions.

When using this fertilizer, nothing else is needed with your plants as these granules contain all nutrients for growing, flowering and fruiting!

Up to 20 plants  fertilized for the whole season with one bag of this fertilizer!

For your plants that have been already potted, just poke a hole to soil and pour in a spoonful of this fertilizer near to bottom of the pot and you are done fertilizing the plant for the whole season! Again, it is that easy!

Besides chili plants, this slow-release fertilizer is very suitable for all garden plants including tomatoes, cucumber, squash, eggplant, kitchen herbs etc!
For plants that require a lot of nutrients, like squash,  we recommend using a double or triple amount of EasySlo for the best results.

Package size: 6 x 100g
NPK 16-5-24

(*)Spoonful= teaspoon for smaller plants and table spoon for large plants.