Fatalii’s JUICY DREAMS (Tomato Seed Kit)


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This seed kit is all about unusual and quite hot varieties which are fun and easy to grow.

A fabulous variety with a fabulous name, by Tom Wagner. Maturity: early, height: 1m, the fruit are globe shaped, weight: 100g each, coloring: green and white with yellow and dark green stripes, pleasant taste.

Blue Bayou
Maturity: early, height: 80cm, the plant is “velvety” by touch, the leaves are blue-colored, the fruit are colored red and blue, weight: about 70g each, sweet taste, juicy, the variety is still unstable so the size of fruits may be different.

Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters is an American blues musician, who is considered thefather of the modern Chicago blues.
He also inspired the British blues. Maturity: early, height: 1m, fruit are blue-colored, with yellow bottom and green stripes, weight: up to 100g each, extremely flavorous, both the taste and the yield ofthis variety is superb.

Pink Icicle
Beautiful tomato variety. Maturity: late, height: 1m, fruit are pink- colored, icicle-shaped, weight: 120-150g each pod.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.