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Did you know?

Did you know? 🌶️


You can grow wonderful, super compact bonchi's (Bonsai Chilis) even from the largest species or varieties of chilis?


This chili in the picture is  a very tall Capsicum caatingae which can be easily modified to grow into a very compact bonchi! And the best news is, it works with any large Capsicum plant! 


This means you can grow any Capsicum indoors all year around no matter how big it naturally grows!


You can also turn bonchi plants easily into outdoor plants or vice versa. This means you can start growing chilis any time of the year.


Get our 46-page bonchi guide here.


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OH YEAH! - Time to get some ferts then!

Are you already rocking the best and easiest to use chili fertilizers you can get?

Wouldn't it be relieving to apply the fertilizer just once per growing season and not to worry about it after? Forget the mixing of the nutrients when you don't remember, have time or energy to do that. Just start your season with EasySlo feats and no need to fertilize during the season!

If you are already using some other brand that requires fertilizing constantly, no worries. Switching to EasySlo could not be easier. Just poke a deep hole into the soil like closer to the edge of the pot and apply EasySlo there and your fertilizing is done for the whole season! It is that easy. 

And the results will blow you away!

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The best sensors for everything!
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Now, they’re keeping tabs on everything from our henhouse to our seed storage & packing area. And for the tricky job of measuring incoming air from our furnace? Ruuvi Tag Pro to the rescue! 🌬️👌
We’re all about efficiency, and with Home Assistant, we’ve automated our care for plants and animals alike based on real-time data from Ruuvi. Reliable, precise, and easy to use, Ruuvi sensors are a game-changer.
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Elevate Your Craft with Premium Finnish Chilis

🌶️ Attention Cooking hobbyists, Artisans and Manufacturers: Transform Your Products with the Finest Chilis from Kirkkonummi, Finland!

We're thrilled to introduce our exclusive line of dehydrated chilis, meticulously cultivated in the fertile landscapes of Kirkkonummi. These premium-quality chilis are now available in convenient 100-200g vacuum-packed bags, ensuring freshness, potency, and the true essence of Finland's natural bounty.

Why Choose Our Chilis?

  • Unmatched Quality: Sourced from the best fields, our chilis undergo a careful drying process to preserve their robust flavors and vibrant colors, setting your products apart.
  • Exclusive Selection: With our limited-stock varieties, offer your customers a taste experience they can't find anywhere else. Perfect for artisans and manufacturers looking to innovate.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of culinary creations – from gourmet sausages to artisanal sauces, specialty spices, premium jerkys, and unique chili-infused honeys. Our chilis are the secret ingredient your competitors wish they had.

Boost Your Product Line with a Touch of Finnish Excellence

Stand out in a crowded market by incorporating our high-quality, Finnish-grown chilis into your offerings. Not only will you elevate the flavor profiles of your products, but you'll also be tapping into the growing demand for natural, artisanal ingredients.

Act Now - Limited Stock Available!

Don't miss this opportunity to differentiate and enhance your products with the unparalleled taste and quality of our Kirkkonummi chilis. Secure your supply today and watch your customer satisfaction soar.

🔥 Discover the difference premium Finnish chilis can make. Experience the pinnacle of flavor and quality with our exclusive selection. 🔥


Click here to browse our vacuum packed dried chilis section! (Short link for it is

Click here to browse our vacuum packed dried chilis section! (Short link for it is


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