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Another Fatalii's Chili Book is coming!
We are now working on the chili book from the material we have been gathering for years for this project. It is actually progressing nicely and we expect to have it ready "soon". No promises but it is coming. Our last book was in Finnish and it was a great success despite the fact the language did restrict many many hobbyists from buying it. This time the book will be in English and the material is mostly done, it just needs proofreading and layouting. So STAY TUNED! We will offer the first limited edition for our newsletter subscribers first. :)

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Fatalii's Growing Tip #1
Choose the right variety: Chili peppers come in many different varieties, each with its own heat level, flavor profile, and growing requirements. Choose a variety that's well-suited to your climate and your taste preferences.

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Fatalii's Growing Tip #2
Support your plants: As your chili plants grow taller, they may need support to prevent them from falling over. Use stakes or a trellis to keep the plants upright. Supported plants will also give you a better yield! Did you know we also offer a very good quality wire to tie up your plants!

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Fatalii's Growing Tip #3
Control pests: Chili peppers are susceptible to a variety of pests, including aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies. Use natural and biological pest control methods to keep your plants healthy and pest-free. We recommend using predator mites for spider mites and aphid wasps for aphids.

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Our very popular seed kits!
We are very pleased to see how well these seed kits are selling. People seem to love these varieties a lot. As we soon will sell out of these, we will have more kits to come! Grab these when you still can! Some varieties are already out of stock individually!

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If you live in Finland, Time to order your own greenhouse!
Have you been dreaming about your own magical greenhouse that turns a piece of your yard into a paradise... Now is your time. Click the link below to find your dream greenhouse! - Check our Selection!
Sugar Rush Stripey flakes in a mill!
You don't want to miss this item from your kitchen! The flavor is simply awesome and the medium, comfortable heat level makes it very versatile for any kind of cooking! You can also use separately for your portion to add more spiciness and flavor than other individuals among your family prefer. :)

Yeah, I need some good spices for sure! whatsapp group!
A great way to connect with other chili enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. Exchange ideas, share tips and tricks, and get advice on everything from growing and harvesting chilis to cooking with them. Share photos of your chili plants, ask for help troubleshooting problems, and celebrate your successes with like-minded individuals. Being part of a community of people who share your passion for chili peppers can be a great source of inspiration and motivation, and can help you to enjoy your hobby a lot more!

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Aji Fantasy

Aji Fantasy

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Cabaca Peach

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Siberian Indoor Pepper

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Purple Haze

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Rocoto, Red Peruvian

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Fatalii's Fifty Miracles

Fatalii’s Fifty Miracles

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Fatalii’s Twenty is Plenty

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Rocoto, Brown

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Jalapeno, M

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"Don't just grow the chilis, let the chilis grow you!"

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